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Happy Friday!  I hope you all had a great V-day.  I enjoyed helping to deliver valentines around town for our floral department.  If you are running a day late, don’t fear!  We’ve got beautiful arrangements on sale for half off at the store!  Have any of you decided to give up anything for lent?  I decided to go on a sugar fast.  I felt sugary treats creeping into my life a bit more than I desired so I decided to go cold turkey without it.  I don’t know about you, but when I get even a little sugar I want more.  So it’s very hard to have in moderation.  I’m journaling my intake to help keep me accountable and also writing when I feel a strong craving coming on (putting pen to paper really does help get your mind off that which you are craving).  Wish me luck!!

I’m not sure if any of you like coconut like I love coconut…but I always have to post a recipe using it when I see one.

And anything using almond butter.  Or even better!

Leanne did a wonderful job putting together this guide to healthy eating

Making these this Sunday!  Chocolate oreo cookie pancakes

Avoid shoulda, coulda, woulda…or as my mom says, “don’t should all over yourself”

In honor of my new sugar-free challenge:  another blogger’s point of view on going sugar free

Life changing bread – probably the easiest loaf you’ll make

A recipe for ice….awesome comments :)

Take a deep breath and get more done in the long run

- Lindsay

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