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Source:  Emily McDowell

Happy New Year to everyone!  I’m sure many of you have started picking away at those New Year’s resolutions.  I, personally, am not totally into setting resolutions just on January 1st.  Instead, I enjoy setting small goals for myself throughout the year; I feel that only setting one big goal places too much pressure on accomplishing it, leading often to failure.  I’m pretty sure many other people experience this as well given the fact that most people quit their resolution by February.  So, maybe instead of setting up a huge goal for yourself, think about a small goal and plan to set another small goal after that.  In the mean time, feel free to soak up everyone else’s healthy enthusiastic energy while it lasts! :)

I found this 2013 food trend list to be very interesting

I know it’s cold out, but I still love a good healthy smoothie

I have to make this

And just when I thought of all the ways to make oatmeal

Vegan recipes that are sure to be delicious

And healthy desserts that are also sure to be delicious

And more top recipes of 2012…I’m drooling

I love nut butters, and I think I’ll like cookie dough nut butter even better

Fitness outfits - sent to your door – every month – almost too convenient… :)

I don’t know why, but I just love peeking in other people’s fridges

Thinking about trying to get this super healthy and convenient breakfast cereal in our Health Market.  Thoughts?

- Lindsay

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