October Unprocessed

October Unprocessed 2012

There are so many diets out there; every week or so you hear of a new fad/trend in the way of nutrition.  As a dietitian, however, I really do subscribe to the idea of balance (if you read my post on portion distortion last week, you know where I’m getting at).  So when I came across a fellow blogger who was promoting October Unprocessed I was totally on board to give it a go.  What is October Unprocessed?  It is a pledge to avoid all processed foods for the month of October.  In other words, fill your diet with healthy whole foods including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, plain, low-fat diary, and whole grains.  They define unprocessed foods as those that can be grown yourself of made out of items in your home. 

October Unprocessed was started in October 2009 by a guy named Andrew Wilder who wanted to challenge himself to eat better.  He felt so much better after his own experience that he promoted it in 2010 on his blog, Eating Rules, with 415 people joining in on the pledge.   Last year he were able to reach 3,000 people!  And so he is trying to reach most people again this year in the hopes of helping others feel as great as he does eating whole foods.

And you can do it too!  Whether you want to try a whole month of eating unprocessed foods or if you just want to challenge yourself to do it for a couple of days, sign up for the pledge.  After joining the pledge you can opt to also get daily emails with tips for eating unprocessed.  I enjoyed this article on 10 Steps to an Unprocessed Pantry that arrived in my inbox today.  The emails are optional but can definitely be helpful in your journey to eating more whole foods.

Here is an idea of what an unprocessed day might look like:

Breakfast:  Rolled Oats with sliced almonds, chopped banana, cinnamon and honey. 

Lunch:  Whole wheat bread (I like Ezekiel bread the best) with grilled chicken, avocado, sliced red peppers, hummus and spinach.  Hy-Vee plain Greek yogurt with honey and granola (locally-made Batch-at-a Time granola would be awesome).

Snack:  One ounce cubed cheese with one cup grapes

Dinner:  Salmon fillet broiled with lemon and dill.  Side salad made of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and pecans with an olive oil and balsalmic dressing.

Snack:  A honeycrisp apple chopped up and microwaved for one minute.  Top with cinnamon and sliced almonds and enjoy!

They also have some great ideas for eating clean when you are out to eat as well as other eating clean nutrition tips

I’m gonna give it a try.  I hope you do too!

- Lindsay

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